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The Federal Customs Administration

Customs vessel "Borkum"Customs vessel "Borkum"

The maritime control units of the Federal Customs Administration monitor the goods traffic across the EUs external borders.

The civil servants on board the customs vessels secure the national revenue, e.g. by levying customs and excise duties and import turnover tax. Furthermore, current bans and and restrictions are observed. This, for example, includes the prevention of illegal imports of narcotics.

Moreover, the maritime units protect the social welfare systems by combating illegal work and illicit employment

The Federal Customs Administration also supports the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food as well as the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration by providing assigned tasks such as fishery controls and monitoring the observance of sea traffic regulations.

In accordance with the regulations of the MARPOL convention, the German territorital waters are monitored and polluters are prosecuted constantly in order to ensure clean and protected seas in the future.

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