Navigation and service

The Federal Police Department of Maritime

Security are responsible for the border-police

protection of the Federal Republic of Germany

its 435 miles (700 km) of border in the North

and Baltic Seas.

The Federal Police Department of Maritime Security

Inspection vessel of the Federal Police Inspection vessel of the Federal Police

The Federal Police Department of Maritime Security at Sea are part of the maritime capabilities of the Federal Police.

Together with the Federal Police District Offices in Neustadt/Holstein, Warnemünde and Cuxhaven, they are responsible for border-police surveillance along Germany's 435-mile-long maritime border in the North and the Baltic Seas, which at the same time constitutes the Schengen external border.

Six ships are permanently available for this purpose. The inshore area is monitored by five inspection and patrol boats. In addition the Federal Police every day employ helicopters with overwater flight capabilities.

Beyond the seaward boundaries of the German territorial waters, the Federal Police carry out general police and shipping police tasks as well as tasks related to fishing law. Within the Exclusive Economic Zone, the Federal Police protect German interests in accordance with the Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The Federal Police´s Piracy Prevention Centre located in Neustadt in Holstein are the central Point of Contact for German companies in all issues related to the fight against worldwide piracy. It offers advice to German shipping companies and gives recommendations on the protection against pirate attacks.

Furthermore, the Federal Police is represented in the Joint Emergency Reporting and Assessment Centre Sea of the Maritime Safety and Security Centre in Cuxhaven. There, the operational forces of the federal and coastal states authorities work together in the form of a network.

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