GSB 7.1 Standardlösung

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Cuxhaven: City on the river Elbe with a long maritime tradition and the Kugelbake (Ball Beacon) as its principal landmark More: Location …

The Kugelbake (Ball Beacon) is a landmark of wood which is located next to the Elbe.  (refer to: Location)


Key political decisions and historical events More: Milestones …

A collage of two photos. It consists of the old accommodation of the JERACS and the new building.  (refer to: Milestones)


The network`s political and legal framework More: Network …

Anchor chains are a symbol for the network MSSC. (refer to: Network)


Security, technology and architecture More: Building …

View of the MSSC in the twilight.  (refer to: Building)


How to get to the MSSC More: Address …

A pin in the satellite image shows Cuxhaven. (refer to: Address)