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About Cuxhaven

View from the west side of the MSSC. View from the west side of the MSSC (Vergrößerung öffnet sich im neuen Fenster) View of the MSSC | Source: Erik Krüger / Administration Department of the MSSC

The district of Cuxhaven has a population of 50,000 and is located right in the middle of Germany’s North Sea coast, on the rivers Elbe and Weser.

With an area of 2,072 square kilometres, this district is one of the largest in the land of Niedersachsen. The city of Cuxhaven, seat of the district administration, is the economic centre in the north of the district.

Cuxhaven’s economy has traditionally been based on tourism, the port sector, fishing, the food industry and renewable energy.

Cuxhaven is home to many important federal and state authorities as well as institutions which are responsible for waterways and shipping, environmental protection and disaster control and also perform sovereign tasks.

Following the fusion of the German Federal Government’s and coastal states’ maritime security agencies, the city of Cuxhaven became the base of the Maritime Safety and Security Centre (MSSC). The MSSC is housed on premises owned by the Elbe-Nordsee Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSA) in Cuxhaven.

The Land-owned seaport of Cuxhaven is situated at the mouth of the Elbe in waters suitable for oceangoing vessels. Being situated close to the western entry to the Kiel Canal, Cuxhaven also provides rapid access to the Baltic Sea.

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