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Milestones of the Maritime Safety and Security Centre

ilSpecial incidents in the field of security (in terms of hazard prevention) and safety (in terms of damage control) have been motivating a continuous development in the course of the past decades leading to the establishment of the Maritime Safety and Security Centre (MSSC). The respective framework was provided by political and legal decisions.

Overview of the MSSC milestones
July 1954:The German Bundestag debates the centralisation of the various authorities responsible for law enforcement at sea.
May 1975:Administrative agreement between the Federal Government and the German coastal states on the fight against oil pollution.
April 1994:The German Bundestag decides to establish two coast-guard centres in Cuxhaven and Neustadt/Holstein to coordinate the employment of the law enforcement forces at sea of the following ministries: Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection and Federal Ministry of Finance. There were no plans to establish a new authority.
October 1998:Accident of the timber carrier "Pallas" off the island of Amrum.
June 1999:German Waterways Police Reporting and Coordination Centre North Sea in Cuxhaven commences its work.
September 2001:Terrorist attack in the USA.
June 2002:Agreement between the Federal Government and the German coastal states on the handling of complex emergency situations.
January 2003:Establishment of the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies.
December 2004:The Bundestag decides to optimise coast guard operations.
September 2005:Administrative agreement on the establishment of a MSSC in Cuxhaven.
January 2007:The Joint Emergency Reporting and Assessment Centre Sea (JERACS) at the MSSC commences its work.
December 2011:The German Navy joins the administrative agreement of the MSSC.
April 2013:The Federal Command and Control Centre for Maritime Security starts their active operations.