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Central Command for Maritime Emergencies

Incident "Purple Beach"-27 May 2015:The fertiliser cargo ship (192 m long and 27 m wide) caught fire while to the west of Helgoland and carrying 20,000 tons of mineral fertiliser. The image shows the police vessels during the fire extinguishing operation. Purple Beach (Vergrößerung öffnet sich im neuen Fenster) Incident: Damage to “Purple Beach” - 27 May 2015 | Source: Central Command for Maritime Emergencies

The Central Command for Maritime Emergencies (CCME) is the leading organisation in Germany for managing large-scale maritime emergencies. It is the only organisation that performs this duty. The CCME is specialised in maritime emergencies that occur on German coasts and at estuaries of navigable inland waterways and the Exklusive Economic Zone, so that it can respond to such incidents quickly and effectively. The CCME bears responsibility for the planning, preparation, exercise, and conduct of all measures for

  • rescue operations,
  • pollution response,
  • fire fighting,
  • assistance efforts,
  • safety-related salvage operations
  • and also fulfils a public relations role in the case of a large-scale maritime incident.

Therefore, in the case of a severe ship accident, the CCME command the assigned forces of

The day-to-day work of the CCME includes analysing and defining risk potentials, creating new concepts and adjusting existing ones, acquiring any equipment required or initiating the acquisition, and informing the public about its work.

The employees of the CCME represent the Federal Republic of Germany in important national and international maritime bodies. They are constantly working on improving the maritime emergency management in Germany. The concepts are tested by way of national and international exercises, which are organized and managed by the CCME.

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