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Federal Police

Patrol vessel, Lengh 7,75 m, Width 3 m, Crew 4 persons Patrol vessel (Vergrößerung öffnet sich im neuen Fenster) Operation for the patrol vessel | Source: Federal Police

The Federal Police protects Germany’s 435-mile-long maritime borders at sea, in ports, in the North Sea and in the Baltic Sea. At this Schengen external border, it monitors and controls the cross-border traffic in close cooperation with the Federal Customs Administration to avert dangers and to prevent illegal entry by sea.

Beyond the outer limit of the German territorial sea, the Federal Police’s primary missions are general police and shipping police tasks. The Federal Police Force is also responsible for investigating any deaths and maritime accidents on German ships outside German territorial waters.

The Federal Police is also responsible for protecting the marine environment. The patrols and surveillance flights on and over the North and Baltic Seas are also designed to prevent marine pollution and to investigate environmental crimes outside German territorial waters.

The Federal Police performs its fisheries, construction work and underwater operations, marine mining and research activity surveillance operations and responsibilities concerning the protection of the Federal Republic of Germany’s interests in the Exclusive Economic Zone in accordance with the Convention on the Law of the Sea and as a public body having been entrusted with the execution of these tasks.

The subordinated Federal Police stations in Cuxhaven, Neustadt in Holstein and Warnemünde have a total of six modern vessels at their disposal for their maritime patrol operations.
The inshore area is monitored by five inspection and patrol boats. In addition the Federal Police every day employ helicopters with overwater flight capabilities.

The Joint Control Centre of the Federal Police and the Federal Customs Administration within the MSSC coordinates in particular the employment of the ships, boats and helicopters deployed for maritime missions.

The location map shows the operation area of the Federal Police which is located outside the territorial sea - 12 nautical miles from the coast. Operation area (Vergrößerung öffnet sich im neuen Fenster) Operation area of the Federal Police | Source: Federal Police

Other work performed by the Federal Police Force

The Federal Police Force set up the Federal Police Piracy Prevention Centre (PPC) in the Maritime Safety & Security/Crime Fighting field office at the Federal Police Sea in Neustadt in Holstein in response to worldwide maritime pirate attacks. The Centre offers German shipping company representatives and recreational sailors advice and training in how to protect themselves against pirate attacks before traversing high risk areas. The Federal Police Force is also responsible for investigating any piracy cases related to Germany. These investigations are conducted by the German Maritime Investigation and Search Group.

The Maritime Education and Training Centre (MaET) for all of the Federal Police’s maritime education and training schemes is also based at the same office. The training provided by the Centre is based on the technical requirements and conditions relevant to the performance of the enforcement officers’ day-to-day work on Federal Police and Customs vessels.

The Federal Police Force has been taking part in Frontex operations in the Eastern Mediterranean since 2016. This involves supporting the Greek coastguard with its border control operations and the surveillance of the border between Greece and Turkey.

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