Navigation and service

The Maritime Safety and Security Centre

network monitors and coordinates measures

taken to ensure the safety of men at sea, to

protect the environment and to guarantee the

observance of laws related to shipping and

goods traffic.

Objectives of the Maritime Safety and Security Centre Network

Achieving the following objectives is essential for a functioning MSSC network:

  • The improved cooperation of the naval security authorities, the use of a common location with the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies and the international Point of Contact (PoC) help to further improve the high safety standard.
  • Cooperation opportunities are made optimum use of, with each entity maintaining its own local and technical responsibilities.
  • The exchange of information between all authorities involved is intensified. Comprehensive coordination, cooperation and mutual support increase the presence at sea and improve the capacity for hazard prevention and quick reaction to unexpected events (risk management).

Advantages of the MSSC Network

  • The MSSC network partners constitute a central network for maritime safety.
  • The network partners actively exchange information, operational decisions are taken on the best possible basis of information, and federal and state authorities cooperate.
  • Cooperation between the partners is accelerated and improved. The daily cooperation promotes the understanding of the other partners' responsibilities.
  • The MSSC network partners coordinate all resources available, thus optimising sea surveillance.
  • Proven structures and well-developed competencies remain unchanged.
  • The MSSC network partners monitor and protect a highly complex and sensitive overall system

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