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Integrated Sea Surveillance

Integrated Sea Surveillance is conducted by ships of network partners at sea, airborne surveillance, ship traffic messages (for example by pilots) and notices issued by traffic centres as central point of contacts for navigation (radar, AIS, radio communication).

Radar Coverage for the North Sea and the Baltic Sea Radar CoverageRadar Coverage

The various pieces of information are combined to compile a situation picture for the entire German coast. In the MSSC data platform, ship traffic data (radar, AIS), hydrometeorological data and event data are merged, edited and saved. Thus, the law enforcement forces always have available all up-to-date information required in accordance with the situation.

AIS-Coverage AIS-CoverageAIS-Coverage


Sea surveillance is carried out using craft of the network partners.


The Federal Customs AdministrationThe Federal Customs Administration

The Federal Police Department of Maritime SecurityThe Federal Police Department of Maritime Security

The Waterways Police forces of the coastal federal statesThe Waterways Police forces of the coastal federal states

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